Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What's an ISBN?

A: The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a 10- or 13-digit number used for identification. An ISBN is unique to every book, so it is the best way to find the exact edition of the book you're looking for.

Q: Why do I need to give you a ISBN?

A: The book industry uses ISBNs to uniquely identify books. For every book there are a dozen different prints, versions, editions, publications, formats and custom editions and ISBNs efficiently give us the exact information we need.

Q: Where do I find the ISBN?

A: ISBN's are in most cases located on the back of the book or in the first few pages of the textbook. Book ISBN

Q: Do you buy books without a ISBN?

A: If the book does not have a ISBN we will not be able to buy it.

Books We Buy

Q: What books do you buy?

A: We accept most textbooks in good condtion which have been printed in the last 15-20 years.

Q: What books do you not buy?

A: We do not accept instructor's editions, international editions or books which are heavily damaged or highlighted. Please see our full book conditions guidelines buyback guidelines.

Q: Do you buy in bulk?

A: We certainly do! Please contact us with a full list of the ISBN's of the books you intend to sell.

Buyback Guidelines

Q: What must the books conditions be?
A: We only purchase books that are in very good condition - the following are NOT accepted:
  • Fire, smoke, and water damage.
  • Significant damage or wear to the binding/spine of the book.
  • Missing or loose pages.
  • Torn, stained, or heavily creased pages.
  • Odor of any kind (smoke, mildew, and pet, etc).
  • Excessive highlighting, writing, or underlining.
  • Teacher’s/Instructor’s and certain Custom editions.
  • Books printed with “free copy”, “not for resale”, “exam copy”, etc.
  • Workbooks which have been filled in.

When we recieve your books, the ISBN's must match the original invoice.

If your books meet our guidelines then we would be more than happy to buy from you. In certain circumstances, some leeway can be given in regards to these guidelines, so its best to make a detailed description of any damage that may be present when you contact us through the sell textbooks page.

If we receive any book(s) that do not meet our guidelines, the seller will be contacted by one of our customer service representatives and have any unacceptable books deducted from their payment and be responsible for the return-shipping fee.

We will hold books deemed unacceptable for approximately 30 days, after which if we still do not have a reply back from you Textbookblitz will dispose or donate the books in any way it seems fit.

Q: What if I decide to accept only a few books offers?

A: If you decide to accept only a few of the offers we make for your books, you must notify us beforehand so we can send you a new shipping label. The shipping Textbookblitz pays for labels is based on the weight of a shipment which is predetermined by the ISBNs you send us. If we send you a quote for 10 books, which for example weights 10kg and costs us $30 in shipping, but you decide to only send us 5 books without notifying us, which weighs 5kg and would have only cost $15 for shipping, we are still being charged $30 for 10kg of books by our courier. We will redetermine the shipping cost and deduct the different from your payment, in this example it would be $15.


Q: How do I get the books to you?

A: Once you accept the quote for your books we will email you a prepaid shipping label with Canada Post or a local courier. Print this out and it can be used to ship the books to us for free!

Q: What if you do not recieve my books?

A: We can verify if you used the shipping label we provided, if it was used we will fill a claim with the courier on your behalf.


Q: When and how do I get paid?

A: We offer payment by either Paypal or Interac E-Transfer. Payments are made the day we recieve and verify the books you send to us. Our preferred payment method is Paypal which is a fast and efficient payment method which offers buyer and seller protection with the ability to deposit your payment directly to your bank account.